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If renovations or a major project are in your plans and you find that you are in the market for a dumpster rental there are some things that you should know, things that could save you money and make your experience much more pleasant. If this is your first dumpster rental in St. Catharines or anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe for that matter you probably don't know all of the facts.  There are important things about dumpster rental St. Catharines residents and residents throughout Southern Ontario need to know to make an informed decision. There are many dumpster rental companies to choose from but beware, they are not all equal.

Some companies offering dumpster service will take advantage of customers who don't know the details I am about to share with you about how to rent a dumpster. Quite often people end up paying too much because they don't know any better. There are even some dumpster rental companies that will take your credit card numbers and you will never see the bin or once it gets picked up you are charged outrageous amounts. This is by no means an attempt to strike fear in you, it's just warn people to be careful, deal with reputable companies and know what questions to ask.

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